About - Stefan Liebermann


Ahoi, my name is Stefan Liebermann! I'm a photonics student just working on my master thesis at the university of Stuttgart, Germany. I found my passion for photography in 2015. Fortunately my family enabled me to visit countries like Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Cuba and Egypt since I was a child. My fervor for travelling was born. Because of my closeness to nature and my wish to understand its complexity I decided to make a degree in natural science. As a physicist with specialization in optics I have the technical knowledge about optical systems like cameras and lenses and generally in photography. I have the idea to travel around the world with my camera and capture fantastic moments in nature. Therefore I toured around South Africa Switzerland, Italy and Spain. I love the beauty of nature and its phenomena. With the photos I want to share my fascination in Night Photography. By the use of a more light sensitive device as our eyes we have the opportunity to get sight into a magic new world. It’s a special kind of art because it’s not seeable with our eyes but it’s real!

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